How to install CKEditor for Drupal within seconds using drush!

Installing CKEditor module on your drupal site might be taking a bit long. Aside from downloading and uploading CKEditor module to /sites/all/modules directory, you will also need to upload CKEditor library to /sites/all/libraries direcotry inside your Drupal site directory. CKEditor library is big file, so it will take you long before you are able to upload it via ftp.

With the awesome power of Drush, you can actually enter just 4 command lines to install within seconds.

  1. drush dl ckeditor
  2. drush en -y ckeditor
  3. drush ckeditor-download

​Thats it! Make sure you also do a clear cache ( drush cc all ) on your Drupal site to see the changes applied.

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